Past projects in consulting

Strategic planning and facilitation

Facilitating a workshop on an automation strategy for a large mining company

Facilitating a research, innovation, community engagement, internationalisation, ICT and e-research strategic planning session for a South African University and drafting a high level strategy document

Facilitation of the revision of the vision, mission and strategic goal-oriented outcomes for a South African government department

Facilitating a strategic alignment workshop for a Centre for Systems Engineering shared by a university and a large transport and logistics organisation

Facilitating a strategy for a nanotechnology platform for a local university

Facilitating the research uptake strategy workshop for African research leaders organised by an international concern

The Facilitation of an e-cadastre business case and implementation road map development workshop for a South African government department

Facilitating a university Chemical Resource Beneficiation focus area strategy

Facilitating a university research indaba and strategic planning workshop

Facilitating of a workshop on research thematic areas and competencies required for a market demand strategy of a large transport and logistics entity

Facilitating a workshop for a Centre for Technology Innovation in mining

Facilitating of a workshop on research thematic areas for a large national transport and logistics entity

Facilitating a workshop to review the outcomes of a prefeasibility study and to decide on a bankable feasibility phase for a large metallurgical project requiring development finance and multinational investment

Facilitation of a Mining and Minerals Sector Innovation Strategy

The development of key strategies on enhancing the contribution of Indigenous Knowledge Systems to realising the targets of the National Development Plan in South Africa

A survey of industrial involvement in nanotechnology – Investigating the impact of the National Nanotechnology Strategy on Industry

Developing a knowledge management strategy for an agricultural research entity

Research and innovation infrastructure in support of an innovation framework for South Africa

Member of the South African National Research Infrastructure Roadmap expert team

Developing a research infrastructure strategy and management model for a South African university

Facilitation of a Strategy for the South Africa Heart Association of Cardiologists

Knowledge audit in a large agricultural research organisation

Facilitation of a strategy for a sustainable future for a Centre of Excellence in materials science and engineering at a South African university

The development of a specialist report on Knowledge Infrastructure for Innovation as part of a ministerial review on science, technology and innovation in South Africa

Assisting deputy vice chancellors of South African universities with preparing input for a ministerial review on science, technology and innovation

Facilitating a revision of an Aerospace Manufacturing Processes and Materials Strategy

Developing an alternative model for promoting joint use of research equipment by Higher Education Institutions at national and regional levels

Facilitating a workshop on the feasibility of establishing a Certified Design Organisation (CDO) in aviation

Facilitation of a workshop on training strategies for aviation safety in Africa

Consulting on knowledge management strategy development for national energy regulation

Feasibility study, strategy and business plan leading to the establishment of a microsensor industry in South Africa

Thought leader paper on low-carbon technologies for development finance decision making

Facilitating a workshop relating to aerospace scarce skills development strategies

Facilitating a library portal strategy

Facilitating a regional university association marketing plan development

Serving as a member of the South African Strategic Research Infrastructure Forum (SASRIF)

A feasibility study and strategy for a South African university to establish an engineering faculty

Developing a commercialisation strategy for a high technology innovation project

Facilitation of a strategy for network provisioning and assurance for a national telecommunications entity of an African country

Facilitating a National Photonics Strategy for South Africa

Strategic advisory member of the Nuclear Manufacturing Sub-committee of NIASA (Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa)

The compilation of a high level implementation plan for the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Research, Development and Innovation Strategy

Facilitation of a technology incubator project definition workshop

Facilitating industrial visits for a German delegation of SMEs in advanced manufacturing in South Africa

Facilitation of a tertiary education satellite incubation programme in South Africa

Facilitation of a knowledge management framework for tourism and conservation for a provincial tourism and parks agency

Facilitating a workshop to develop strategies for research management structures in African universities

Facilitation of the National Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technologies R&D Strategy

The design of data specifications for an Integrated R&D Management Information System in science and technology

A study on the required physical infrastructure to attain the vision of the National System of Innovation (NSI)

The refinement of the draft National Laser Centre Rental Pool Programme Strategy

Facilitation and compilation of corporate strategy for a high tech small business in South Africa

Strategy and establishment of an innovation laboratory for simulation and demonstration of future business environments

The facilitation of a strategic planning workshop for a safety and security sector training organisation

Improving public research infrastructure: A background paper for the Conference on Human Resources for Knowledge Production in South Africa

A national, provincial and private sector ICT infrastructure investment survey as part of a development finance infrastructure overview

A road map and action plan towards a multinational aerospace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in South Africa

A strategy for innovation services in a science park

Facilitating the establishment of a legal entity for laser research in Africa

A strategy for the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in materials science and engineering at a South African university

Member of international panel on Science Marketing and Commercialisation of Innovation

Facilitation of a strategic planning workshop on Femtosecond Laser Research and Applications for South Africa and the African continent

Facilitation of the development of an access grant for a national laser rental pool

Development of a marketing and logistics strategy for energy saving solutions

Facilitating the development of a National Nanotechnology Strategy for South Africa

Facilitating a workshop on and providing strategic consulting to a technology incubator on Future Innovation Support Models

The development of a national research equipment and facility strategy

Development of a strategy and funding proposal for Technologising Rural South Africa

Facilitating a strategy on advanced materials as part of an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy for South Africa

The development of a knowledge management strategy for a high tech research organisation

The development of a knowledge based organogram for a South African government department

Facilitating the formation of an African Laser Centre (continental dimension) and development of its strategy

Facilitating and developing a corporate and business strategy for a Companies and Intellectual Property Office (CIPRO)

Facilitating on developing innovation in the steel industry

Facilitating a multi-departmental workshop on an ICT vision for the South African government

Development of a funding proposal to an international funding agency on ICT challenges in the Higher Education Sector in South Africa

An audit on and strategy for the ICT offerings of the Higher Education Sector in a South African province

Facilitating and leading the strategic planning of a South African research support agency

Developing an integrated technology plan for a South African Technikon

Designing the Chief Information Officer component in a South African government department

Consultancy on strategies for national research facilities in South Africa

Investigating the feasibility of a magnetic observatory becoming a national facility in South Africa

Facilitating a netmoney workshop on the practical application of smart card technology in commerce

A comprehensive business plan and an implementation framework for a National Laser Centre in South Africa

The development of a business plan on the knowledge base and human resources for information technology service provision for a consortium of higher education institutions

Change management consultancy on the restructuring of a national research funding agency

Facilitating the development of a Business Referral and Information Network (BRAIN) process and technology for Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa

Facilitating a strategy for call centre establishment for a telemarketing facility for a South African commercial bank

Facilitating a project on call centre implementation and integration for customer support, roadside assistance and telemarketing for a multinational automobile manufacturer

Facilitating call centre implementation and integration for tele-insurance sales for a major insurance firm

A strategy for the development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) for end use electrotechnology for an electricity utility

Development of competitive analysis benchmarking strategic questions for a high-tech electronics firm

Knowledge requirements in Applied Chemistry – A business plan for a Centre for Career-oriented Chemistry at a South African University

A technology plan for composite materials in South Africa

Strategic management of the National and Regional Equipment Programme for a granting agency

Development of strategic management models for programmes in biomedical engineering

Strategy for cooperation between the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of China on electronic materials and devices

Strategic management of Materials Special Programmes of a granting agency

Developing a strategic guideline on joint ventures between a government granting entity and industry


Reviews and evaluation of strategic impacts

Key strategies on enhancing the contribution of Indigenous Knowledge Systems to realising the targets of the National Development Plan of South Africa

Member of an international multi-disciplinary assessment committee on research infrastructure in Canada

A review of strategic and financial support provided to sub-regional African science and technology flagship programmes

Conducting a review on a university research equipment strategy

A mid-term Internal review of a Research Chairs Initiative

A study to review and evaluate the roll-out progress of the National Equipment Programme and the National Nanotechnology Equipment Programme in South Africa

A review of the measurement systems of publicly funded scientific and technological activities to support the overall growth of R&D investment in South Africa

Evaluation of Innovation Fund project proposals and site visits

Evaluating the decline in applications in a government and industry joint venture for research funding

Assessment of development finance contribution to infrastructure development in South Africa - An historic overview of the development of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure sector in South Africa

Assessment of a National Key Research and Technology Infrastructure Strategy

Facilitating the post-implementation evaluation of a government-industry joint venture grant administration system

Refining the strategic funding scope of focus areas for economic growth and international competitiveness and information and communications technologies and information society in a government research support agency

Review of technological innovation, business incubation and technology transfer in France

Leading and co-ordinating a review of a regional research consortium regarding their three-year rolling plans and analysing the data provided in a regional context

Developing a perspective on a multi-purpose citizen smart card

Business solutions engineering and business process re-engineering in the incorporation of call centres and electronic banking

Development of a total business solution offering for call centres

Business service interfaces to assist enterprise evolvement in South Africa: A ministerial briefing

An assessment and business plan on the knowledge base and human resource requirements in Information and Communications Technology for regional cooperation among tertiary institutions

Classification of equipment data on the National Research and Technology Audit Database

Manufacturing Technology: An overview of world trends and the current status of a South African grant funding programme

Knowledge requirements in land surveying – Assessment of training in land surveying at a South African University


Policy development

Member of a multinational team working on research infrastructure partnerships between Africa and Europe

Development of a national Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries R&D Policy


Technology surveys

The status of ion beam analysis and modification of materials, leading to a South African perspective for a national programme

The status of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanotechnology

A technology analysis of amorphous silicon devices

The status Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) technology


Trends in technology and their influence on the local industry

The status of processing technology for diodes and transistors in synthetic diamond

An overview of materials science and engineering in Central Europe with the emphasis on technology policy and human resource development

The status of the technology for thin film superconductors for electronic applications

An audit on diamond technology for electronic and optoelectronic applications

A technology feasibility study to determine the local capabilities relevant to mm-wave and microwave components


Market analysis

Market research and analysis in support of an "Incubator-in-your-pocket" app for small business incubation developed by a university in South Africa

An analysis of industrial involvement in nanotechnology in South Africa

A market analysis and business plan for nanoparticle-based drug delivery technology

Consultancy to a German manufacturer to set up heavy engineering facilities in South Africa

Market dynamics in residential energy management

An analysis of the size and profile of the entrepreneurial community falling within a technology incubator target market and their associated needs for incubation services

Facilitate and lead the strategic planning process for road freight in South Africa

A strategy for the development and extension of research potential at Technikons and Universities of Technology in South Africa

A strategic market survey on laser-based micromachining and micro-fabrication

Development of an internal research equipment strategy for a South African university

A market dynamics study and strategy for lasers in communications

A baseline study and innovation audit leading to a market dynamics analysis of the ICT and embedded systems sectors in a South African province

A market dynamics model for high-tech incubation

The market dynamics of the electronics sector in South Africa with reference to business opportunities for Small, Medium and Micro-Sized Enterprises (SMMEs)

A market survey and technology forecast on future industry needs for remote monitoring and telemetry

Knowledge requirements for the composite materials industry - A market assessment on the future role of training, research, technical services and products of a university composites and re-enforced plastics facility

An overview of the materials and manufacturing industries in South Africa - Incorporating suggestions on focus areas in materials technology for a South African Technikon

Knowledge requirements for the manufacturing industry as part of an Engineering Faculty Manufacturing Thrust Strategy - An investigation into the market for manufacturing engineers at a South African university

Information needs of external stakeholders of health technology research to be addressed by competitive technical intelligence for a medical research entity

Market research to establish the South African potential for composite lighting poles for an international manufacturer

An overview of the materials and manufacturing industries in South Africa and industry views on materials technology and the role of a Materials Research Institute at a local university

Market opportunities for composite pultrusions in South Arica for an international manufacturer

Market opportunities for rolled and wound composite shafts and tubes in South Africa for an international manufacturer

A market dynamics model for digital voice recording for a high-tech electronics firm

Analysis of photovoltaic module shipments in the world market for an energy agency

A market survey on the potential for an international manufacturer setting up a hard coating service for cutting tools in South Africa

An investigation into the feasibility of local manufacturing of amorphous silicon for photovoltaics

Photovoltaic market survey: World annual PV module production capacity and demand

A market analysis for bulk single crystal materials


Future Thinking facilitation and future studies

Future Thinking - A few things we should know about tomorrow science talk at the Science Forum South Africa 2016

Future Thinking - Knowledge of Tomorrow that gives us Excellence in Motion, Young Professionals Programmein a Water Utility

Facilitating the development of a South African aluminium industry roadmap

Future thinking for global research infrastructures - embracing disruption in R&D and Management of Research Infrastructures (MoRI) of tomorrow - member of discussion panel at the International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) 2016

Keynote speaker on Innovation and Technology: Shaping our Tomorrows at a schools event of a South African university

Facilitating a session on: Future Thinking: A few things that will shape our world of sensing as part of the 4th SMEOS Conference

Keynote speaker at South African Institute for Industrial Engineers (SAIIE) gala event on Future Thinking: A few things that will shape Industrial Engineering of tomorrow

Facilitating a strategic discussion for an aligned future view for the School of Chemistry and Physics iin a South African university

Assisting the champions of the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap to develop the business cases for their respective research infrastructures

Invited speaker at an International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) SA event on Future Thinking: A few things about tomorrow that will shape the way we do Systems Thinking

Keynote speaker opening the International Association of Management of Technology (IAMOT) Conference on Future Thinking in MOT

Presenting a workshop on geospatiality and the future for GIS practitioners

Presenting breakfast talks on Future Thinking – a few things you want to know about tomorrow

Memberof an international team developing the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Facilitating an executive strategic planning workshop on future scenarios for nuclear science and technology in South Africa

Feasibility study for a Technology Futures Laboratory in a South African science park

Future Context Architect in the restructuring of a South African government department

Strategic management alignment on the future context of electronic banking

The digital world of financial services and smart cards

International studies in order to identify macro-environmental trends internationally with specific emphasis on research and technology in business and financial services, as part of the National Research and Technology Foresight Project

Technology assessment and forecasting – A status audit on world best practices

Advisor to an international professional association on Future Thinking

Faciltating a strategic discussion on Future Mining Automation for a mining company

Development of a Future Thinking Executive Course

Conducting research on Future Thinking in R&D Management


Multi-client studies

The impact of diamond and diamond-like carbon films and coatings technology on industrial applications

Knowledge – living and working with it


Lecturing and teaching

Teaching New Venture Creation in the Knowledge Economy Modules in Senior Management Programme of Continuing Education at the University of Pretoria

Teaching a Masters Course on New ventures and Entrepreneurship – Graduate School for Technology Management - University of Pretoria

Knowledge management, innovation and futures orientation for the central bank of an African country

A Digital World Course for the University of Pretoria Graduate School of Management


Reviews and Essays

The future of work (Foresigth for Development)

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The human-machine frontier (Foresight for Development)


Academic papers

Developing executive future thinking skills - International Association for Management of Technology, 2016, Orlando, Florida, USA

Future Thinking in R&D management - R&D Management Conference2016, Cambridge, UK

Machine innovation - A Future Reality? - International Association for Management of Technology, 2017, Vienna, Austria

Developing an Industry Roadmap Model using Future Thinking and Business Model Integration - R&D Management Conference 2017, Leeuven, Belgium

Future Thinking - The scarce management skill - PICMET Conference 2017, Portland, Oregon, USA